"If we could meet, I would tell you this..."

I am in law enforcement in a similar city along the peninsula.  Facilities like this, in the middle of a residential neighborhood, are going to increase crime. There will be a huge increase of DUI drivers on the road. Parking will never be contained and definitely spill into the neighborhood. I would feel terrible for the closest residents who will be impacted by noise and nuisance issues. This will become a police problem. I am extremely opposed to this project. This is a very safe, family oriented community. ---K. Mapple

Please DO NOT APPROVE a hotel/event center in San Ramon near S Gale Ranch! This is a bedroom community! Think homes, peace, children riding bikes, nature, hills, trees, animals, quiet hikes....definitely not the place for major construction!!! Please say NO!!!! Thank you!!  
L. Syring

​As a homeowner, realtor and Bridges advocate, I think this could be highly detrimental to home values.---J. Cuttone

​Hotels are perfectly fine in Bishop Ranch. not in the middle of zoned residential.---J.Luis

This would be a disaster for my home and community.  Enough is enough already. Bollinger Canyon Rd is already a nightmare due to overcrowding.  We already have increased crime in our neighborhoods due to all the section 8 housing in Windermere. I've grown up in Alamo, Danville, and San Ramon area since 1985 and it is sickening what has happened to our quiet community. Please stop pandering to these greedy developers.  Please do right by our community and families that raise our children here.   C. Toy

Enough industry in San Ramon. Traffic is more than I want already. No.   R. Sriram

This is not right because the area is zoned as Park. Close the loophole.   M. El-Zakhem​

No to the proposed hotel/event center in my neighborhood. Isn't it already enough for San Ramon to have the new event center/retail properties in Bishop Ranch that are already being built right now?! We need to protect our residential neighborhoods from the crime, traffic, noise and other problems hotels and event centers bring with them. Not ok to be built on land that is part of a vital link in the habitat corridor that at least 3 protected species including the burrowing owl live on this land. AND the habitat corridor will be interrupted forever. L. Sweeney 

An event center is just a guide to a hotel. With the new city center our traffic problems are already going to be a nightmare. We don't need to make this worse for the residents of Bridges and San Ramon. At an event organized by the Golf club owner we heard that the initial plan was not not develop anything in that area. We need to ensure that it stays that way.  R. Bhargava​

We need to protect the voiceless. Stop developing land that is kept as open spaces so a balance is maintained between the natural habitat of living creatures around San Ramon and human dwellings.   R. Goveas

I am signing as I live next to the driving range. Traffic is already a mess with one lane in and out of this neighborhood. This will decrease our property values!! We bought our home because of the location. This is simply not right!!  
U. Jasty

A 369-room hotel is already planned for phase 2 of the City Center Plaza scheduled to open in Fall 2019 on about 40 acres located at the intersection of Bollinger Canyon Road and Camino Ramon.  With PLENTY of planned parking, proximity to the freeway, and co-located with retail, movie theater, restaurant, it will be a MUCH more appropriate location for a hotel than the residential neighborhood in the Bridges.  There will also be an giant event space at the City Centy Plaza so it makes zero sense to have another hotel/event center less than 2 miles away in a residential neighborhood further away from the freeway with no planned parking.  E. Lee

​I'm signing the Petition to express concern to the city managers that residents are NOT in support of adding another hotel or event center to the area.   A. Gratteau

Please don't build a hotel nor an event center in this neighborhood. If you do, this will disturb this neighborhood's tranquility permanently. Thank you for your time.  
A. Kaluba

Please stop the development of commercial places like hotels. Stop building hotels.  Dj

From a Windemere resident, No Hotel on South Gale Ridge!  M. Farris.

I live on North Gale Ridge Rd. and this would be a huge mistake to the neighborhood to let this happen.   E. Snow

This is connected to the same type of issues we are fighting at the San Ramon Golf Course. JUST SAY NO. The HOA Boards already know this.   T. Mullican

We do not need a hotel center here, at Gale Ridge Rd.   E. Matter, M. Matter

I'm a 17-year resident of the Bridges and an original owner. I'd hate to see our beautiful residential area be turned into a party zone. Hotels are fine for commercial areas of San Ramon—this makes no sense where it's being proposed and would not only endanger wildlife and consume open areas, but also create a potentially huge hazard for families and children. I vote to protect our homes, our land and our families. ---R.Maler

It's getting ridiculous around here. It's almost unmovable on the freeway and you want to put a hotel here? Give me a break.  L.Macdonald

Stop the building. We need to preserve our neighborhood and open space.   M. Trail

No more new construction here.   R Chin

We have lived here for 15 years and have seen a dramatic increase in home break ins and thefts in the past 4 years.  This includes my parents' home in Gale Ranch.  It was broken into and robbed meticulously 2 years ago--we moved them here to be closer to us and to live in a safer neighborhood.  Also there have been several accidents involving cars hitting kids walking and biking to school.  Building a 'round the clock' commercial enterprise in the middle of our neighborhood is not welcome.   A. Lin

A hotel will briing more traffic and more unwanted people.  K. Bell

No hotel in gale ranch.   P. Wang

I'd like to tell our Planning Commissioners and City Council No to a Hotel/Event Center on So. Gale Ridge Rd.   R. Sriram, T Pulikollu 

Enough industry in San Ramon. Traffic is more than I want already. No.   R. Sriram

Say No to a Hotel/Event Center on So. Gale Ridge Rd.  J. Castorena

We don't want to ruin our peaceful residential neighborhood.  A. Nandigam

No to hotel!   S. Allan

I oppose the building of any hotels or event centers in Gale Ranch.  W. A. Delgesso

No hotel at Gale Ranch.   Y. Tang

Hotels belong in our City Center and near the freeway, not near our children, our churches, our homes and our community play areas.  
N.N. Raja

We need to protect and support our wildlife. 
D. Tozzi

I am 100% opposed to this project!   T. Morelan

Stop building in San Ramon Neighborhood!  
A. Tan

This is a residential family community that we bought into. We do not feel a hotel and event center is appropriate for our neighborhood. It will bring in a lot of traffic and unnecessary people into our neighborhood. We never were told this was a possibility when we purchased our home.   A. Shannon

Stop the Hotel.   R. Lane JD

Keep the hotels in the "City Center,"not in a residential area.   R. T. Waterson

I'm signing because I oppose the proposed development and use.   C. Neri

A hotel will change the social set up in an otherwise very residential area, safety concerns.   V. Chen

I don't think San Ramon can accommodate more growth. We already have enough traffic and congestion.   D, Pottrr

No way!   H. Murthy

Too much traffic—as it is, the roads in and out of San Ramon are overcrowded not to mention the never ending road work on Hopyard/ Dougherty that seems to go on and on ...It takes an average of 20-25 minutes to just and reach the freeway.   N. Krishnakumar

Hotels should be built in the city center, not in residential neighborhoods.   U. AnandI

am signing this petition because we don't want any development that alters the community envelope.  P. Ram

We need to protect our city from corporations coming in and doing whatever they want to. Please oppose this hotel/event center as well as the golf course on Alcosta that has the potential of being developed by another unscrupulous company.  C. Blackburn

The added traffic is not good for real estate value.  A. Martinez

Say No to this!   S. Palaniappan

I live in this neighborhood and do not want to devalue out current lifestyle or property values.   M. Cahill

Road congestion and air /water pollution which we do not need.   M. Yar

Event center is just a guide to a hotel. With the new city center our traffic problems are already going to be a nightmare. We don't need to make this worse for the residents of Bridges and San Ramon. At an event organized by the Golf club owner we heard that the initial plan was not not develop anything in that area. We need to ensure that it stays that way.  R. Bhargava

We have enough construction in San Ramon. Traffic is becoming horrible and we don't need a hotel in the.midst of residential. City council is following the corrupt footsteps of Dublin. Pls stop this.   R. Mehra

Please don't spoil the neibhourhood/   R.Menta

I want your help to slow down commercial growth in San Ramon.   A. Koumiss

Keep the neighbourhoods a place for the children to play. Keep hotels in their rightful place, not where the community lives.   W. Tsuji

Is this for real?? I propose whoever suggested this idea allow building a hotel next to their multi-million dollar home. Not such a good idea anymore, huh?   B. Shah

I love my neighborhood.  It is a nice, quiet place to live.  Placing a hotel just doors away from my home will change the atmosphere of my neighborhood and dramatically lower my property values.   D. deFrance

This can't happen in residential neighborhood!!   M. Tangirala

Don't want this in my neighborhood.   K. Chin

This will increase traffic congestion and potentially increase danger children who walk to and from schools, given the lack of suitably timed public transportation.   D. Nandy

I do not think this is the proper location for a hotel.   M. Johnston

I moved to San ramon for the quiet small town atmosphere. I have seen San ramon balloon and explode in the 10 years I've lived here. It is being destroyed by all the building. It is turining into another San Jose-overcrowded and congested. NOT a place I want to live in.   H. Dy

I want to retain the peace and tranquility of our residential neighborhood while keeping our children safe.   K. Dhaliwal

Don't need additional traffic and people!  
M. Wong

I do not want a hotel and convention center here. There is already a lot of development going on and we do not need any more.  
L. Canada

I am signing because I hate seeing MORE bullshit being built and causing MORE traffic and headache!!   A. DiMarco

No commercial hotel in residential area. Whole town is over crowded with many new buildings.   A. Jain

This project will ruin the family residential area. There is no need for a hotel in this area and the Bridges golf course already has an area where events can be held. The City Center is enough- no more commercial businesses bringing non residents into our cozy, family friendly neighborhoods.   S. Frey-Castro

There is already so much traffic on Bollinger.  
R. Toy

There are no undeveloped hills left!  Where are all the animals going?  There's no infrastructure (markets, schools, etc) to support the Faria project. Diablo Plaza can't handle more and the schools are already full!  How do the developments get passed without voter approval?   D. Pearl

San Ramon is quickly losing its small town appeal and is overcrowded.  Crime is increasing, schools are impacted.  Please halt building anything for the time being!  
J. DiGiulio

Many new families live here with there young-age kids and also many teenagers live here. It is for  wonderful neighborhood for these families with young kids. We need safe and quiet place to raise our kids. This project gonna breakdown all the peaceful stuff we have built for years. We will fight against this project and protect our kids whatever it takes!!!  W. Zhao

No hotel in Gale Ranch!!   G. Hargiss-Brubaker

Please STOP changing the landscape of SR. First, Mudd's. Now more open space turned into commercial development. I moved to SR as a 6 year old & have seen the changes in our community. The city is no longer hearing our residential voices.   C. Stevens

Please do not build hotel near residential area. D. Kocherry

Thank you passing all this information to us!
D. O'Valle

No hotels in San Ramon area!   Veni

The beautiful San Ramon neighbors in a quiet  neighborhood don't require a hotel. P. Ram

I do not support building on land that is designated parkland, and therefore I am against the Hotel/Event Center on So. Gale Ridge Rd.
​T. Blanchette 

This will bring more traffic and crime into our area. Not to mention more drunk drivers and accidents. We need to keep our community safe. This is not the answer. Thank you.  
​N. Sidhu

No hotel in our beautiful Gale Ranch.  Sanju

We're saying NO to a hotel/event center on South Gale Ridge Road.   H. Wong

I don't want the traffic.  R. Hill

Moved to San Ramon because of the neighborhood and schools - safety and the families here should come first. Why not put the hotel in Bishop Ranch?   M. Arle

Please do not agree to develop any hotel/event center in our area. We do not need the additional traffic/ congestion, or any additional disturbance which have been shown to accompany these types of establishments. People who move into  the area and invest their lives here do not look for hotels or event centers. We are here to make sure our kids have a safe and healthy environment to grow up in. Also there has been no proof that this particular owner/developer has a great track record with other ownerships. So please listen to the residents around the area and say no to this proposal. Thank you for your time.  
​C. Secakusuma

A hotel does not belong in a residential area! I absolutely oppose this idea! Please do not allow this to happen!   R. Huff-Rydbeck

San Ramon will get over crowded, traffic will be a nightmare and the community won't be the same with so much commercial development in residential areas.   S. Kattekola

We don't want a hotel in our neighborhood. There are lots of families here with small children.   D. Kruger

I don't want the city congested any more than it is.  S. Mehra

No more expansion.   G. Soghmonian

...And many more to come. We are still entering the data from all of your petitions. Thank you, everyone, who took the time to write a note.  

Dear San Ramon Planning Commissioners, I am writing to let you know I am against the development of the Bridges Golf Course Driving Range parcel to be developed into a hotel/event center that includes overnight lodging. I used to work at a hotel/motel, so I know that it is a high traffic business of transient lodgers that is incompatible with a quiet residential single family house neighborhood. Best regards,
K. Wang

I want to retain the peace and tranquility of our residential neighborhood while keeping our children safe.   K. Dhaliwal

This shouldn't happen, but if it does, there is absolutely no reason that the hotel entrance can't be placed off of a new right turn lane from Bollinger Canyon Road instead of a street (S. Gale Ridge Road) that goes into a residential neighborhood. Additionally, this street (S. Gale Ridge Road) is the only entrance/outlet to this neighborhood. It is already congested and in an emergency situation, it would be difficult to safely have residents be able to get out when combined with an additional 500-600 hotel guests. We already have needed safety patrols throughout the neighborhood on weekends which assists the residents (at least in this section of the Bridges neighborhood) with the late night functions at the Bridges Clubhouse.   R. Chimenti

An event center and hotel at this location represents poor judgement, poor planning, and thoughtlessness. San Ramon has several hotels. These existing facilities do not reach capacity, so why do we need another one? Also, these hotels are properly located in commercial areas--not residential areas. The proposed buildings would not only increase traffic, noise, etc. in our neighborhood, they would, also, decrease our property values. We stand together to oppose this plan.   K. Sieu

This is an obscene use of land. NO TO THIS PROJECT!   N. Durant

I live up the street where this hotel will be built and do want the extra traffic, crowds, noise and activity that will come with this so-called "event center."  This effort constitutes a Trojan-horse effort to re-purpose the original recreational use intent of the land.   R. Cavallo

We fell in love with this area years ago when we first visited due to its well executed design and sane/safe lay out. The light traffic, slow speed limits, and open spaces made this area unique, special, and desired.  Why would anyone consider making all the same mistakes so many other communities have and are making, to degrade the quality of life, and all the other advantages mentioned above?  You have an oasis here, and should do everything in your power to preserve the blessing that it could continue to be. Using back-door avenues to get around zoning ordinances is undeserving of the fine designs and appropriate policies already in place, and misuse of laws to advantage a few bank accounts is not in line with original intents of zoning laws.  Please allow us the good standards of healthy and safe living practices, sane beautiful surroundings.  T. Keenan

As a resident of Gale Ranch, I am strongly opposed to having a hotel in our neighborhood. Also in my household is Darshini Nalam who is over the age of 18 and is Signing Petition.---N.Nalam

No hotel/event center on so. Gale ridge!!!---K.fitzgerald

No Hotel Please.---T.Buckle

Please do not build a hotel in zoned-for-park land in the Gale Ranch area. Thank you, E. Stark---E.Stark

Sonia Chen Stephen Chen---S.Chen

Dear Mayor, City Council and Planning Commission: As a resident of San Ramon, I do not want a hotel or event center on So. Gale Ridge Road because of: •Greatly increased traffic on Bollinger Canyon Rd/Gale Ridge •Danger to children using school / comm. center / preschool •Increased demand for City services (Police/fire/maintenance) •Reduced emergency access on Bollinger Canyon/So Gale •Increase in level of crime in the area •Reduced quality of life for residents of San Ramon---X.Lu

We do not need hotel in gale ranch.---P.Mangalick

Stop the build of a hotel/events center on So. Gale Ridge RD. Horrible idea. neighbors and animals wild be effected.---J.Taylor

I am signing this petition to oppose the proposed building of a hotel/convention center in the Gale Ranch neighbourhood.---J.Desai

Please do not support the destruction of the green space left in San Ramon---c.mesick

Please we don't want hotel to be in galeranch---A.

The last thing we need in the middle of the neighborhood is a hotel. It is zoned for parks and open land. We pay plenty in taxes so changing zoning to collect additional revenue will not go over well with folks who have paid a high price for quality of life and better schools. This is a total . This is a classic get it done now while no one knows about it.---E.Kutzler

Please no hotel in Gale Ranch.---S.Kausar

Enough building and development in the area already!!! The traffic is ridiculous as it is already with inadequate roads in and out of the area. Going up and down the 3 lane hill on Bollinger Canyon Road is extremely dangerous. The amount of accidents and people seriously injured just walking on Bollinger Canyon has increased tremendously. When the new city center is eventually finished (God knows when that will happen), traffic congestion is going to be 10x worse than it is. San Ramon used to be a very nice small town community. All this development and section 8 housing has made San Ramon a lot less safe for our families. San Ramon City Council needs to put the safety of the community and needs of its families above all else and stop bending to the whims of these developers. Strongly Opposed!! C.P.

I oppose It---C.Ruiz

No hotel/event center on Gale Ridge Rd---l.Wong

I do not want a hotel in my neighborhood! I have two children, one in middle school and one in elementary school. I don't want their safety jeopardized with increased traffic and potential crimes that could occur. Please don't allow for a hotel in a residential area.---C.Tom

No hotel In Gale Ranch!!!!!!---S.Wong

This area is already overpopulated and overcrowded. We do not need any more commercial businesses. We need more parks, pools and community spaces!---H.Dy

No thank you!---A.Maler

No hotels in gale ranch!---G.Magam

Say no to hotel! --S.Nomula

I am a very concerned citizen of San ramon writing to express my view on the proposed private hotel and event center planned behind the golf course. Please register as a vote against using funds and San Ramon open lands for this purpose.---S.LeBoy

Our city has already begun to lose its peacefulness to immigration and traffic. I won't tolerate anymore!---F.Tam

NO! NO! NO! A hotel does not belong in a residential area!---M.Soo Hoo

Signing petition We don't want a hotel in our neighborhood. It decreases safety, quality of life and quiet feel of our residential neighborhood.

Please! Don't make our residential community commercial!---C.Luck

I remember when I first read about this. Who or why would a hotel need to be built?---A.Golde

Dear Mayor, City Council and Planning Commission: As a resident of San Ramon, I do not want a hotel or event center on So. Gale Ridge Road because of: •Greatly increased traffic on Bollinger Canyon Rd/Gale Ridge •Increased demand for City services (Police/fire/maintenance) •Increase in level of crime in the area •Danger to children using school / comm. center / preschool •Reduced emergency access on Bollinger Canyon/So Gale •Reduced quality of life for residents of San Ramon ---K.Leung

It would be not in the best interest of the people of the city of San Ramon . We already have a hotel. We don't need another one. The traffic is already very heavy and this hotel will add to the burden. Building the hotel will allow for future rezoning....Bad idea.  P. Moonka

I am concerned the this quiet residential community will get over commercialized. This will increase traffic, safety concerns and noise levels. We do not need a hotel within the gale ranch community. There are hardly any commercial establishments nor is it a tourist attraction.  
I. Chandra

I'm signing because I care for our life in San Ramon.   H. Paluru

This is not an appropriate location for a 60 room hotel in the middle of our residential neighborhood.   T. Archibald

I'm signing because this property is not needed in San Ramon.   L. Feigenbaum

We moved here 4 years ago to get away from urban life. We did not at any time think a hotel locally would be in the works! We say no to this, city center will already bring problems and tax our infrastructure and police! We do not need a hotel in a residential area!   H. Murthy

No hotel and no event center in the Bridges.  
B. Matheny

Keep park lands open!   S. Grice

I say no hotels or event center---SOP! Save open space!   S. Polk

As a long time San Ramon resident, I am completely opposed to So. Gale Ridge Rd.   
​K. Meredith-Diaz

The traffic will be horrible to our area.   L. Rankin

Commissioners, listen to your citizens. There are other locations more suitable for this event center than in the middle of a neighborhood.  Mark Cahill

I agree that a hotel and event center in Gale Ranch would bring more traffic, noise, and possibly crime to the neighborhood. Don't let this happen. 
​P. Kraft and R. Kraft

Dear Planning Commissioners, We are completely opposed to having a hotel built in the middle of our neighborhood. Please protect our open spaces and especially the three protected species that live there. Thanks. S. Thomas

I have lived in San Ramon since 1995. Please leave some semblance of what the residents of Gale Ranch were promised in terms of quality of life and open environment. S. Roberts

​We have enough hotels and don't need any more traffic clogging Bollinger. Sad to even consider putting a hotel where there are homes and a daycare. San Ramon is way over built. The traffic is out of control and nothing is being done to control it.   L. Latt

No no no.... enough already. All the houses, shops and golf courses are now on these beautiful hills but now an hotel. No. Too much traffic and people. This is a residential area and should remain that way.   M. Darby

I oppose the building of any hotels or event centers in Gale Ranch.   M. DelGesso

No hotel, put a park there instead. We do not need more hotels.   S. Forsythe

Please keep our city from becoming what many of us moved away from. J. Pfingsten

No Hotel in Gale Ranch or any other part of San Ramon.   C. Solorio

NO hotel in gale ranch.   Y. Huang

Strongly opposed.   E. Swar

No hotels/event centers on land zoned for parks.   J. Rieth

I agree—no hotel in Gale Ranch. How greedy are these folks we have in charge of our city?  
L.C. Johnson

Absolutely unacceptable. I am appalled it is even being considered.  A. Hughes

Please do not create hotel and event center at San Ramon, the traffic is bad now, we cannot make it even worse.   Z Zhou and M. Huang

Please we don't want this in the middle of our houses.   M Tangirala

Please do not allow a Hotel/Event Center in San Ramon; So Gale Ridge Rd. or anywhere else. What we don't need is more people, cars, traffic etc, etc. The traffic is already bad here and after the development next to Target is finished and all the housing developments that are in progress are done, traffic will be unbearable!!!   J. Buhowsky

I am firmly opposed to the building of the development on S. Gale Ridge Rd. (i.e. the "Yadav" project). This email is to be considered my signing of the petition.  W. Lum

Don't want additional traffic and parking issues in our neighborhood.   C. Tom

Way too much development. It has already affected traffic in the neighborhoods. It will only make it worse!   D. Souza

I don't want unscrupulous developers destroying San Ramon neighborhoods for their private profits.   G. Gehlot

I'm signing because I don't want the increased traffic, the prolonged construction, the jacked up roads from the metal plates, loose gravel that's going to be every where,  the close proximity to  the homes.   J. Kim

I don't want my residential neighborhood to become a destination for strangers.  We already have several hotels that host conventions in Bishop Ranch.  We don't need more!!

I want that area to remain residential!   R. Rydback

How on earth can we accommodate this AND the giant new shopping center down the road? This is insane!   J. Libbe

I prefer to keep the residential and family oriented feel of San Ramon intact... thats why we moved here!   L. Chhabra

Keep commercial building out of our neighborhood at Bridges.   J. Yang

There should not be a commercial business in a residential area. We do NOT need more traffic and nuisance in an area where there is a lot of young families with children.   P. Patel

The traffic on Bollinger is already bad. We don't need another commercial hotel in our residential community.   M. DeBacco

When is enough, enough? San Ramon golf course and now this. What do the leaders of San Ramon want for this community?  Walnut Creek?? We the residents of San Ramon need to take a stand and say enough already. We pay some of the highest taxes in the state and damnit we have earned the right to say no to these developers. This is our home, our community and we shouldn't have to bend to the will of these developers. Enough is enough.   T. Hirtle

I am a San Ramon resident and I want to preserve San Ramon from expansion.   S. Raja

This is inappropriate zoning and land use in a residential subdivision.  Our community pool is across the street, we have hundreds of children riding bikes through that area to the pool, which would become unsafe with the traffic associated with the proposed use.   D. Messing

This would be a disaster for my home and community.  Enough is enough already. Bollinger Canyon Rd is already a nightmare due to overcrowding.  We already have increased crime in our neighborhoods due to all the section 8 housing in Windermere. I've grown up in Alamo, Danville, and San Ramon area since 1985 and it is sickening what has happened to our quiet community. Please stop pandering to these greedy developers.  Please do right by our community and families that raise our children here.   C. Toy

There are already plenty of hotel rooms and party venues in San Ramon. We don't need this or want this in an already overcrowded residential area.   P. Messing

This plan is insane on a residential street. San Ramon growth is already completely out of control.   D. Morrow

A hotel is not appropriate for that space and for the neighborhood.  This is ridiculous and our towns is just looking for tax revenue.  This is not the solution.   E. Axton

I don't want an event center in the middle of a residential area.   L. Yan

We do not need an additional hotel and event center, creating additional vehicle traffic through our neighborhoods.   R. Perez

I am opposed to the proposed hotel.---R.Chew

We are not supporting to have a hotel to be build in our neighborhood.   T.Reimer

I believe this hotel will negatively effect our community.   S. Cahill

I think this is not an area for a hotel.  It is a residential neighborhood and it is just not right!  We already have to much traffic with all the homes being built!   K. Andrews


Dear Mayor, City Council and Planning Commission: As a resident of San Ramon, I do not want a hotel or event center on So. Gale Ridge Road because of: 1) Greatly increased traffic on Bollinger Canyon Rd/Gale Ridge 2) Danger to children using school / comm. center / preschool  3) Increased demand for City services (Police/fire/maintenance)
4) Reduced emergency access on Bollinger Canyon/So. Gale  5) Increase in level of crime in the area  6) Reduced quality of life for residents of San Ramon.  Please use your power as elected and appointed officials to stop this commercial development in a residential neighborhood.    Sincerely,  D. El-Sherif,  K. El-Sherif

I don't understand why our City Council would allow this. We keep voting to protect open spaces, but yet somehow developers seem to try to get around it with Cemeteries, Hotels and Event Centers. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. There is plenty of open land that in not in our neighborhood communities where are our children play and go to school. We want to live in quiet neighborhoods without commercial traffic. We will FIGHT THIS!!!! Thank you for listening.  B. Abbatiello

Dear Planning Commissioners and City Council members, I have been living in San Ramon for 8 years and am really enjoying the open spaces around the neighborhood. Please keep it that way because that's why most us moved here from afar. Hotels just don't belong here! Please represent the residents in San Ramon and vote it down. Thank you. Best regards, C.Liang

I want to voice my strong opposition to any development (especially a HOTEL). on land zoned Park!!!   A. Hanson

Common sense alone says "no hotel" near Bridges Golf course!!! Bollinger Canyon Road is already a traffic nightmare!!!!   S. Zimmerman

No hotel in Gale Ranch.This is not a commer-cial area.   D. Jiang

No hotel in Gale Ranch or anywhere in San Ramon. Population and traffic is already out of control.   L Quintor

We are opposed to any form of bed or room to accommodate sleeping arrangements no matter whether it is called a suite, hotel, or anything else.  We are worried that any approval for such accommodation is a beachhead for future expanded use of the facilitate, a precedent to change zoning, and possibly even a point of leverage to convert the golf course into residential property. 
     There is nothing to prevent the guests of the hotel from parking on the street, making it too narrow! Golf carts pulling in and out are enough of a threat. If you add full size cars and alcohol it will be deadly.
   How long will it take to build the project? Where will the construction workers park during construction? Where will the semi- trucks and concrete trucks turn around? If this is done during the summer when the pool is open there will be plenty of children in danger.                       M. Mariman

No hotel/event center on So. Gale Rodge, San Ramon.   K. Zhou

Please protect the interests of existing homeowners.   D.Block

I do not want a hotel in our neighborhood, and will be signing the petition.  J  Wiese

This is unprecedented in San Ramon, putting a hotel, bar, and loud night entertainment right in the middle of a densely populated residen-tial area. It does not belong here!    J France

No to more traffic, etc.   S. Zhu and Y Zhu.

No hotels at Gale Ranch!  S. Tang

I oppose the building of any hotels or event centers in Gale Ranch.   W.K. DelGesso

Please vote against this project. On top of the loss of quality of life this would cause for our residents, at some point we need to protect our wildlife and open space, just as our General Plan says we will do.  A hotel and event center on land zoned Park is against the letter and spirit of our Zoning Ordinance and Dougherty Valley Specific Plan.  F. Armstrong

I wish the city leaders would actually listen to residents! We don't want this city to become an over-crowded, traffic nightmare like so much of the rest of the Bay Area. Please preserve the reason we all wanted to live here in the first place!   D. Burrus

No hotel building in gale ranch.  A. Hu

No Hotels or Event Center in Gale Ranch!  H. Li,  B. Guo and  K. Guo

No to hotel or event center on San Ramon Gale ridge road. Thanks   Y. Huang

There will be too much traffic in already congested area and it might create safety issues in the neighborhood.   V. Munjeti

Overcrowding. I'm against any new development.  R. Hatchett

A hotel in a residential neighborhood does not make sense. Not only will it bring additional traffic, but will also cause parking problems with overflow going into the neighborhood itself.   S. Chen

Enough with all the building. We are crowded enough and traffic is horrible already! When would the city stop!!!!   J. Guest and S. Nofasco

1) The hotel and event center both will worsen the traffic at peak times (morning,  evening,  weekends).  2) Not a good fit in the residential heavy area.   S. Chopada

This is a residential area with very expensive homes. Most of us purchased these homes to live in a serene non-commercial RESIDENTIAL neighborhood.   S. Desai

I oppose the proposed construction of a hotel adjacent to the Bridges Clubhouse.  Not appropriate for this neighborhood.   P. Yocom

The traffic and the population in this neck of the woods is already so bad that it takes a longer time to reach home from the nearby highways. This proposed plan will only aggravate the current issues we face now. 
A. Ramachandra

I live in the area, I don't want a large hotel across the street. S. Srinivasan

This is a residential area!   M. Echsner

No hotel or convention center by my house---M. Mackenzie

I say no to a Hotel/Event Center on So. Gale Ridge Rd---A.Matichak

I vote against building a hotel or an event center in gale ranch.---G.Kaur

We don't need or want a hotel/event center in our neighborhood. This is a residential neighborhood and we want to keep it that way. We already have the golf club event center and there is a marriott hotel just down the street on bollinger at bishop ranch shopping area. There are also several other hotels right around that area. There is not a need for a hotel nor an event center. The space should be used for the community such as a park.---A.Lordeman

This is a horrible idea.---M.deFrance

I am a owner in the bridges neighborhood. My wife and I are against the construction of this or any hotel in our area. ---A.Shang

No hotel in our neighborhood---J.Shi

No hotel in between our homes, school and peaceful neighborhood---E.Risgalla,M.D.

As per the original neighborhood plan given to us during the home purchase, hotel/event center was not in the development plan for the proposed area for yadav group to build event center. Please do not change this. Make it a plan more aligned with the neighborhood rather than a huge commercial entity in that neighborhood. ---G.Bhat

We have experienced heavy growth in san ramon, and need to stop focusing on development projects and focus on building the community of the current residents. Having an event center/hotel in the middle of a residential area ruins the sense of community, especially since there is already an event center in the same street (the bridges) that hosts numerous events throughout the year. ---J.Lim

I do not support having a hotel in my neighborhood.---A.Aiken

Stop plans to build a hotel in our neighborhood. ---J.Mcdaniel

I support not having a hotel in our neighborhood.---T.Aiken

My family and I vote against building of a hotel in our beautiful residential community Gale Ranch.--- M.Singh

I vote against building any hotel or event center in gale ranch.---r.kaur

We are against it!---M.Ramey

Please say no to a hotel/event center on So. Gale Ridge Rd. ---B. Collins

No hotel and event center in gale ranch, please!!---s. Farooq

We absolutely do not want this event center anywhere near our homes.---F.Dahlstrom

I support not having a hotel in our neighborhood---D.Aiken

We are against it!---J.Ramey

Overcrowding, bad traffic conditions. Love the peaceful atmosphere of our neighborhood, don't ruin it!   C. Scott

We don't need a hotel here.   L. Fabucci

We want it to be residential area. Already we have so many robberies and accidents. We moved here just for being residential area. Schools are overloaded. We don't know what kind of people are going to come in the hotel to live. It's a threat to our children and community. Will the district or city take the responsibility of any mishaps that would take place. STOP this project?   M. Jadhav

This will negatively affect my neighborhood, the traffic in our neighborhood and the resale value of our homes.   S. Beiler

Too much construction in San Ramon.  
R. Lakshmi

I'm signing because of the traffic congestion we already have in the neighborhood. 
B. Nallamilli

We chose our home here for the character of our quiet residential neighborhood, with its view of beautiful surrounding hills. Not to have a view of a hotel, nor be inundated with tourist traffic.   L. Wilde

I support this petition! No Hotel in Gale Ranch!  C. Harper

It's time to stop the greedy from destroying San Ramon.  Faria and City Center are adding to increased congestion and overcrowding of our great schools.  No more building!!!  NO MORE!  Get Active!   J. Golde

We don't need hotel bundling in our neighborhood.   R. Kuliyev

I'm signing because the Faria project is already going to lead to an overcrowding of nearby Twin Creeks Elementary and Iron Horse Middle School. City Center is going to lead to massive traffic backup and I live near all the new traffic that's coming into town.   D. Stephenson

Too much traffic!!!!!!!   J. Rice

We don't want San Ramon turning into the next Dublin. Over crowded and over developed.   K. McLaughlin

I don't want more traffic and noise in our neighborhood.   L. Bryant

I object to excessive commercialization of San Ramon.  R. Hariharan

This is zoned recreational. 60 room hotel is a commercial use. Don't want commercial interests in a residential area. Plus open space plus the views will be lost.   A. Murai

Enough!  We DO NOT need or want more buildings in San Ramon. We need green hills and trees, not more traffic!!!!   :/ Syring

Preserve San Ramon's quiet and safe neighborhoods!!!!!!!   P. Barbosa

There are enough options for hotels and convetions centers in san ramon.   J. Swift

I love our hills and wildlife! Please stop paving over our grass and chopping down our trees!!!   C. Speltz

Too much traffic, + parking issues.   H. Marr

I want to keep my city beautiful.   A. Dagur

​My wife and I vote no for the construction of this hotel (or any other commercial buildings) in our residential neighborhood.   A. Shang

Please do not build on Gale Ranch. D.Townsley

Do not put a hotel in this location. It is not fair to the people who have purchased homes in a suburban area.   N.Denardo

I do not want to have a hotel on Gale Ridge Road in San Ramon.   T. Marsh

Signing Petition---C. Neri 

I strongly oppose the building of a hotel at Gale Ranch   J. Loftus

This would be bad for our community and was not in the plan we asked about before buying our home. Please put this hotel near the freeway and downtown area where it belongs, not in a suburb. Thank you.   N. Dalmada

No HoNo hotel in Gale Ranch, please! This is a housing community, we need to keep it that way!! Thank you.   K.Wiese

We strongly oppose building hotel in San Ramon Gale ranch.   SNuthakki

Signing petition to stop the hotel!   C.Turnbull
 We are both opposed to a new hotel to be built in the Gale Ranch/Bridges communities!   T. DeGoosh

We're voting against the new hotel proposal and planning. The existing golf course landscaping on HOA and public side of the fence is disaster and not kept up to the par for many years by this company. We just don't need to extend the current business practice to an additional of hotel without adequate parking and additional traffic. Sincerely, Signing Petition - A. Shenas 

Only Bridges golf course benefits from this development but the community & local wild life lose. Basic common sense that noise, traffic & individuals who have been drinking from the events center will now get in there cars and could kill our children. Our community has wonderful events center already throughout the city of San Ramon and the local hotels located along the iron horse trail need this business. We say No!   D. Reeves

The planning commission has done enough abuse by reducing the open space we as residents pay highly in property taxes annually. This is occurring all around San Ramon and the biggest change I've seen which appears to have been approved as they have built a major road up off of Bollinger Canyon Road North of Crow Canyon on the North East side of the road heading towards Las Trampas Nationa Park. Keep up the good work to help stop this!  
A. Zrodlo

I have lived in San Ramon since 1995. Please leave some semblance of what the residents of Gale Ranch were promised in terms of quality of life and open environment.
​S. Roberts

I am a resident of San Ramon past 9yrs. I vote NO for building hotel on S Gale Ranch Road. San Ramon, Dublin are just building houses and now hotel without thinking/improving infrastructure. I would no longer call San Ramon a beautiful community. The San Ramon city I guess its high time need to invest on increasing tech jobs in east bay. K. Roge

I do not support having a hotel in Gale Ranch. Preserve the open space!!!!   L.Joanis

We don't want no hotel or event center in our residential area. Take it somewhere else.  
M. Yang

This is a horrible idea.  A. Kaja-Torres

Bridges golf course is adjacent to a residential community. Building a hotel in the neighborhood will adds more concerns to the safety, traffic and privacy of residents there.
​W. Guo

Please do not allow more development. The traffic is getting worse and worse by the day and this will only become worse with more buildings.   L. Dennen

No to hotel/event center.   E. Kajioka

Please do not build event centers inside a neighborhood.   J, Huang

Dear Planning