Meet Bridget, Our Burrowing Owl!





Bridget is our Mascot because she is one of the Western Burrowing Owls that live on the land the hotel would be built on. Here are some quick facts about Bridget and her Family:

Our kids colored this banner which is installed in front of The Bridges Community Center. The proposed hotel site is in the background.


Any kid in San Ramon can print a poster, color it, and send it to us.

To print a coloring page click the image of the page your want and then select PRINT.

We'll be using the posters kids color in our social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor, website, etc.) 

To submit a page for use 
in our social media
campaign, simply scan it and email it to:


or mail it to:

9505 Velvetleaf Circle​
​San Ramon CA 94582

No deadline, but the
​sooner the better!


1)  Print the Petition Forms:

2) Visit your friends and relatives who live in San Ramon and ask them or their parents
to sign. To sign they must be:

* At least 18 years old
 * Residents of San Ramon

3) When you are finished, staple all your petitions together and attach a sheet with your name, address and phone number—all printed clearly so we can find you to send your prize if you win. 

4) On or before September 4, 2017, return ALL of your petitions at one time to the petition bin 
in the courtyard of:

     9505 Velvetleaf Circle, San Ramon

Or, you can mail them to that same address so they will arrive by the morning of Sept 5.
(zipcode 94582)

 Can I work with a team?
Yes, but only one of you can submit the petitions. Just list your team members and they can share any prizes.

Does it matter where I live in San Ramon
No. Anyone in San Ramon under 18 can enter.

Can my mom/dad help me?
Of course! Just tell them what to do. 

What if there are more than
five winners? 

In case of a tie, we will award an extra prize.

What if I have more questions?


Why do we care about Bridget? Because Burrowing Owls are protected species. That means they could go extinct (no longer be found on earth) if they aren't taken care of.

​What do they eat? They aren't too picky: they'll eat bugs, lizards, small birds and little rodents like mice, ground squirrels, voles and moles.

Where do they live? In the ground! This is different from every other owl. But they can still fly.

Who builds their homes? Well, sometimes they will dig their own burrows but usually they borrow a home from ground squirrels, prairie dogs or other animals. That's why we have to protect the land from a hotel: so they can live in peace and find other Burrowing Owls to make a family with.

When are their babies born? In our climate, any time from Spring through fall. The parents like to make their nests 3 feet underground and at least three feet long with several rooms. They like to connect them with other burrows for a fast getaway if anything threatens their babies.

Interesting facts about Burrowing Owls are that the males and females are the same size and the babies are born with no feathers and their eyes closed—like kittens and puppies. That makes them totally dependent on their parents until they are old enough to find their own food. Also, these owls are active during the daytime, unlike most other owls and they store food away for an emergency like woodpeckers and hamsters do.

How can you learn more about these fascinating little owls? Just click on the button below Bridget to go to a website for more information.