​​These 8.5"x 11" flyers are perfect for posting on bulletin boards or leaving on tables at important events. 

Our yard signs are 18"w x 24"h and are best for locations where they can be seen up close (such as by people walking by or parking nearby).

7 Easy Ways to Stop Hotels  in Our Neighborhoods

3.SIGNS & BANNERSDo you live in a house or apartment that has a yard, fence or balcony that faces a busy street or a place like a school, library, community center, church, office building or store? You can help get the word out by letting us mount a banner or install a yard sign. We will place it where you say and remove it when you ask. Promise! Just click HERE and tell us where you live and what kind of sign (banner or yard sign) you would like. Be sure to include your address and phone number.

   This will be such a great help because we aren't allowed to place signs in the public right-of-way (i.e. city streets, medians and other land owned by the City).

Our banners come in 4'x2', 6'x3'and 10'x3' so let us know what size you think would fit best. Banners work hardest when they can be seen from cars passing by or from a distance.​

2. STICKERS & FLYERS   We need lots of people to find out about this issue so they will sign our petition. You can help by putting a window sticker on your cars and posting our flyers on bulletin boards in places like employee break rooms, coffee shops, churches,
libraries, and stores.
    ​To get free window stickers and flyers, click HERE and send us a request with your address and phone number. Let us know how many you need. 

Our window stickers are 10-"x 3"and we provide glue dots for mounting inside your window if you prefer not to stick them on the outside. We need everyone in San Ramon (including City Leaders!)  to see these stickers and know residents to not want hotels in neighborhoods!

1. PETITIONS  Help us get to 5000 signatures by forwarding this website to friends, co-workers and relatives in San Ramon, OR printing a petition and getting everyone to sign in person. Just go to the Sign our Petition tab to forward that page or print the petition right from this page. Nothing is more important to our campaign right now than showing City Leaders what we want!

Thank You!

4.POST  Our social media campaign needs help! First, you can post our website and other info on your own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites. AND, if you are comfortable setting up Twitter and Instagram, you could be part of our PR Team and at least get us started with that. We will supply lots of artwork and copy for you. 

   If you just want to post on your own sites, we can send you images to go with your postings. Click HEREto tell us what you're doing and maybe suggest something or ask us to figure it out. 

7.BE CREATIVE!  We would love your ideas. Click HERE to tell us what you and your family would like to do to help or give us suggestions for what we can do.

6.STAY INFORMED!  Knowledge is power, right? If you haven't already done so, please join our email list to receive updates on the hotel situation. Click HERE  to join. You can enter other email addresses in the messages box.