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What happens in one neighborhood affects all neighborhoods in San Ramon because an ill-advised development or city project can set a long-lasting precedent. That's why we've partnered with other San Ramon residents fighting to protect their own neighborhoods and the open space around them. We hope you will support them, too.

Save Mudd's Land

UPDATE: The City was trying to sell the site of the famous Mudd's farm-to-table restaurant off Crow Canyon and Park Place. After over 1400 signatures and many residents showing up to speak at City meetings, the deal fell through and now the City is trying to keep the land as a park for everyone. If this happens it will be a perfect example of citizens letting their elected officials know what they want and the elected officials responding. Update: On 8/10 the City's Oversight Board voted to ask the State to return Mudd's to the City as a park. But now an earlier offer has reappeared and has to be considered before the City can send a letter to our State representatives to make sure Mudd's is preserved. To add your name to the letter go to:

Save our San Ramon Trees

Picture San Ramon without street trees—a very barren image! Visit this group's Facebook page
to learn more.